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Navigation is one of mankind's oldest passions. Therefore, sailing in luxury boats is one of the greatest pleasures that life can offer. The idea is to unite the passion for the sea with fantastic views, luxurious boats, selected menus and maybe, live music.

Navigation also contributes do your health and will certainly recharge your energies. We've prepared a list with 4 reasons to encourage you (even more) to sail or celebrate on luxury boats, wherever you are in the wo
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Renting luxury boats can be easy

Those who are more in love with the sea usually buy their own yachts, but owning a luxury boat requires a routine maintenance and management crew. That is why the less enthusiastic prefer to rent, thus avoiding to worry about fuel, mechanics, cleaning, etc.

Another advantage of luxury boat rentals is to be able to take advantage of sailing away from home. Through the sea you can add new perspectives and landscapes to your trip. For these moments, it is recommended that you hire a concierge, who will already be responsible for both the bureaucratic process of the rent, as well as the hiring of the crew, the menu, cleaning and everything else. The Rio de Janeiro feelings offers to all its clients, a fantastic boat trip, that can accompanied by a pocket show with Brazilian songs, as well as an exclusive local menu. Lifestyle concierge @isis_grossi shows a little of this VIP service.


Renew your energy

The onboard activities are a great physical exercise. In addition the contact with nature, the sea and the sun are invigorating. This energy provides mental and physical relaxation. Navigating, even if only for one day, will surely bring you a new disposition. By adding a special menu, good drink and music happiness is guaranteed (and science has already proven that happiness is good for health).

Stimulates creativity

In the water the routes and paths are not predetermined making your freedom even greater. Each trip is unique and brings new experiences and new landscapes. Even well-known landscapes, seen from a new perspective, have new interpretations, tones, colors and sounds. In addition it is possible to have a unique view of the design of cities, port buildings and the flora. At the sea there is also always contact with the local fauna, fish, dolphins, birds and even whales can be sighted in certain regions.

It is also a good opportunity to put local dishes on the menu to get to know the local cuisine and to have new experiences. You also stimulate your adventurous side by reaching almost inaccessible locations. Certain regions have beaches, islands and landscapes that are only accessible by sea. Of course for this you need to have a guide with a lot of local knowledge.

Join friends and family

Navigating can be the perfect activity to bring together the most special people. The limited space of the boats helps keep people close and united, giving priority to conversations and group activities. It is a way of connecting the various generations of the family and strengthening family ties.

For those who want to party with friends, organizing a trip or party on a luxury boat, is a great way to create remarkable experiences. Lush landscapes, selected menus and beverages, and the other pleasures are even better when shared with special people.
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