New Year's Eve 2020 in Rio de Janeiro

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It is a fact that New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most celebrated in the world. Millions of people from around the world gather to watch the majestic fireworks on miles of beaches around the city's coastline. Besides being an environment without prejudice, since Rio is considered one of the most "gay-friendly" places in the world. The joy of Rio's New Year celebration is full of amazing parties and experiences.
But where to find the best parties? Here we will present you several options for you to enjoy your New Year 2020 in the wonderful city.
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New Year's Eve 2020 at Rio's beaches

The shores of this magnificent city become the official seat of over 1 million people. All of them want to experience the incredible parties and traditional ceremonies that take place every year during New Year's Eve in Rio.

One of Rio's most popular destinations is Copacabana Beach, where the celebrations are extremely fun. There are four kilometers of magnificent beaches and a landscape that breathes parties and celebration all wrapped up in culture, vibe and the typical Brazilian sympathy. The celebration of the new year in Copacabana is a promise that you will have fun at New Year 2020.

On the streets

Street celebrations and colorful performances are prepared in the city at this wonderful time of year. There are also tons of clubs and bars for everyone who wants to have fun differently on New Year's arrival. Concerts from different bands and artists add color to this celebration.

On the streets you can find many people and cultures, as well as many sights. Everyone is welcome to participate in the party and experience the majesty that Rio's New Year has to offer without prejudice. The streets can still be a great opportunity to try more rustic or authentic food. That's because several places take advantage of the event to offer more traditional home-cooked meals.

Exploring the beauty of the streets of Rio de Janeiro is also a great option to enjoy your New Year's Eve 2020.

In the Hotels

The hotels offer dinner and also organize parties for foreign guests to feel the spirit of the new year. Several hotels, especially on the banks of Copacabana, offer impeccable parties for guests. Balcony parties provide a fantastic view of the fireworks and beach festivities.

Schedule your 2020 New Year's Eve in Rio

New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is a promise of joy, but for that you need to plan well. Check out our article with tips for planning your trip to Rio. Regardless of your choice, in bars, hotel parties and even on the streets or by the sea, Rio's New Year is an extremely fun celebration. In addition to receiving one more year with the hope of prosperity, you certainly won't tire of all the excitement of the Brazilian people at this party.
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