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The New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most sought-after places for tourism in times of year-end. This is for many reasons, such as its natural beauty, its huge diversity and tourism options. But it’s no good at all to plan your trip in a hurry at the last minute and come across various unforeseen events that will ruin your long-awaited holiday trip in the end. It is very important to plan your vacations, in an appropriate way, avoiding inconveniences to be able to enjoy a quiet and unforgettable trip. 

The end of the year is the best time to take that trip you have been wanting to take for some time. Nothing like Christmas season , New Year’s Eve, the holiday mood and a good trip to renew the energies for the new year ahead. The Marvelous City with its beautiful beaches certainly is one of the best options. However, such a special moment as this requires that everything must happen perfectly. A trip requires attention to several points, so we often do not know where to start our planning script. 

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Here are some tips. Follow them and have no worries. 

Do not schedule your trip at the last minute. 

Programming your roadmap is a key part of your journey’s success. Obviously, you have to calculate the investment and for that several costs need to be included. When closer to the wanted date, the costs are higher and more time will be  required for planning, since vacancies of hosting or services may be full. 

The variety of options for your vacation and New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro are enormous. There are several beaches and walks in the middle of nature, as well as great hotels and party options. You must first define your goals, as this will influence all your ideal planning. Consider the best hotels and what are the perfect tours and parties. Also think of your family’s safety and friends, and how much will be spent on all of this. It takes a lot of time to decide. If your ideal year-end trip is the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, for example, it is very important that you begin your planning right now, without leaving accumulations for the last moment, thus avoiding more unforeseen events. 

If there was no other way and you left everything for the last minute, it is not good to take risks, hire a lifestyle concierge. This professional already possesses qualification and a network of contacts, being able to solve diverse problems and to make contracts with diverse trustworthy professionals and services  quickly. Rio de Janeiro Feelings offers a lifestyle concierge service, creating customized planning for your needs. Contact us to receive personalized service plans. 

Your Stay: this is the starting point 

Your stay is key to your trip. Imagine the inconvenience of swapping homes or hotels in the middle of your unforgettable trip! Rio de Janeiro is a beach city, so the location is fundamental. In addition, the issue of security in Rio de Janeiro deserves attention. Therefore it is necessary to choose a safe place and consider hiring drivers and security guards in advance. 

Rio de Janeiro Feelings indicates the beach of Leblon for its clients, because it is one of the safest and most charming districts of Rio, with a beautiful beach ,  great bars and nightclubs. 

Another point to consider is whether the best location for your trip is a house or hotel. Individual travelers or couples can stay well in hotels. However, for those who do not want to give up space for family or groups of friends as well as being able to organize their own parties, houses become a better option. 

The party is essential for a great New Year’s Eve Experience 

Spending the new year at the beach is a classic New Year’s Eve option in Rio de Janeiro. But apart from watching the fireworks and jumping the waves of the sea, you can include VIP parties to brighten up the night even more. Therefore, besides enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can enjoy restricted spaces, with artistic presentations, DJs, as well as drinks, food and special toasts. 

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