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Some people still do not know the term concierge, but this service aimed at the luxury market is increasingly sought after. Other people know the term in its most original sense, where the figure of the concierge is attached to a hotel employee. However, the area of ​​activity of this professional has expanded greatly in recent years. Today the concierge has exceeded the boundaries of hospitality and can become a personal assistant able to solve many of your needs anywhere in the world!

If you need to take a family vacation, plan a corporate event, organize an international roadmap, know that your concierge can make your life easier. Many other boring or complicated tasks can be efficiently and quickly solved as well as the language barriers.

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The origin of the concierge in the middle ages

The word Concierge comes from the Latin term ‘con serviens’, which means to serve, but the word itself is French, and means ‘keeper of the keys’. In the Middle Ages, this professional was responsible for the keys and also for the access of the people. He was the first to wake up and unlock all the doors and gates of the castle. The corcierge was responsible for the guests of royalty and their needs. Besides the keys, it was common for the concierges to walk with a map contaning all the details of the castle and the location of just about everything.

Considering he faced such responsibilities, the king’s confidence in his concierge was clear. Moreover, as he dealt with many people with various needs, this professional became a connoisseur of everything. When the King wanted to know about something was happening, it was very common to consult the concierge. Since he dealt with the guests as well, it was very common to serve as a source of information about the rules, events, and events of the court.

The concierge at the hotel

The modern concierge concept, as we understand it today, is very much related to hospitality. The function of the concierge is established to fill the gap between the function of the master porter (first person whom the guest has contacted) and the guest. He will be responsible for fulfilling all the guest’s wishes. Along with simple actions like calling a taxi, renting a car, calling the pharmacy, tobacconist etc; to also more complex requests such as good cultural events and tourist routes. The service includes many requests almost impossible, like getting reservations at the time or the entrance to a show with the box office already exhausted.

An important milestone in this story was the founding of the French association Les Clefs d ‘Or. It was established in October 1929 by Ferdinand Gillet, a French concierge who worked at the The Scribe hotel in Paris. The association had the objective of creating a network of contacts, so that the professionals of the area could get to know each other in order to better serve their guests. To identify these professionals the emblem of the transpassed golden keys, to be placed in the lapels was created in 1953. The association still serves as a reference for professionals in the area.

Today the concierge is essential in the hotel bussiness. Professionals in the area are recognized for their professionalism, language proficiency and total commitment to fulfilling their guests’ most difficult desires.

Beyond the hotel industry

Today the concierge has moved beyond the boundaries of hotel bussiness to the luxury market. There are already concierges of tourism, bank, condominium, seniors, shopping etc. Regardless of their performance, the function of the concierge is always to guarantee total customer satisfaction, through a special and differentiated service.  It is exactly this level of excellence that has linked this professional to the luxury market.

it is essential for the concierge:

  • to have passion for what he does and pleasure in serving;
  • good dominance of the local language and culture;
  • much knowledge about the city or place of action;
  • constant updating on cultural events;
  • broad knowledge of the luxury market;
  • a network of partners and contacts to fulfill a wide range of requests.

With a good network of partners and contacts, the professional can offer various services and solutions. After all, various unforeseen events can arise and can not damage a special experience.

Rio de Janeiro Feelings is the first lifestyle concierge in Rio de Janeiro. The service works as a personal assistant capable of solving all requests and wishes anywhere in the world in an efficient and agile way. The service focuses on tourism, but unlike a hotel concierge, this service is more personalized and exclusive. It ensures that your customer can travel to various countries, whether it is for business or leisure, without having problems with the obstacles of language or culture. The lifestyle concierge can be responsible for all the planning of the trip, as well as the person responsible for buying tickets, tickets etc; ensuring the comfort and lifestyle of the customer anywhere in the world.

If you want to know the best of Rio de Janeiro or travel the world in a VIP way, contact Rio de Janeiro Feelings. The company can do all the planning of your trip and take care of all the details, so that you can keep your focus on work or leisure.

So if you are part of this select world, which appreciates exclusivity, luxury and comfort with the best touch of the local culture coupled with practicality. You will surely become an adept at the services of a concierge. Whether you’re off on an unforgettable leisure trip or turning that business trip into a one-of-a-kind experience, you’re sure to want a professional ready to solve all your problems.

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